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Make money as an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing, when you post advertisements or links on your website or blog, which then goes to an online store or booking site which you then get paid for when someone buys there.

1. You have a blog, web page or social channel.
2. Join an affiliate network like Clickbank.
3. Apply to link to an online store or booking site.
4. Post links and start making money!

Which advertisers & stores can you link to?

To be able to link to a company and make money, they must be connected to an affiliate network.

You have to apply to every company you want to partner with, and they decide for themselves if they wish to partner with you or not. Therefore, your website or blog you are applying to must have a certain quality. They want their brand to be seen in the right context. The requirements for companies to be involved vary.

When a store is at an affiliate network, it is called an affiliate program.

Number one affiliate source you should start with is Clickbank.

How much do you get in compensation from the companies?

Stores that sell clothes and home furnishings typically pay more than those that sell electronics where margins are smaller. If you provide a loan or a subscription, it is usually a fixed payment instead.

Do you need F-tax?

No, several affiliate networks allow private individuals to join. They will then deduct the tax and cost of employer contributions on your compensation when it is to be paid out, just like a regular salary. You can see which ones allow private individuals in the table below.

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing is also known as affiliate marketing and is a niche in digital marketing where an owner of a particular website receives commissions on purchases made through clicks on links from that website.

How affiliate marketing works

How to get paid as an Affiliate?
Earned commissions are displayed on your affiliate network account and paid once a month. Before the money is paid out, it is usually required that you reach a specific limit. The money does not disappear but is paid out as soon as you enter the threshold.

Before your compensation is paid out, it must be approved by the company you are partnering with. This usually happens within 30 days, which means that it can take up to two months for the money to be in your account.

Blog and Instagram affiliate
Anyone who makes money on their blog or Instagram already knows what it means to be an affiliate, or partner, to businesses. Those who get big and get a lot of involvement can even become influencers and get paid solely to rewrite or expose a particular product.
But you do not need a blog or Instagram to succeed as an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing

This post is not primarily for those who are looking to become influencers or bloggers, but for those who want to run affiliate marketing purely.

Then, of course, there is nothing that prevents you from driving both and – yes, there are even exciting synergies that can and should be discussed at another time.
The reason for only turning to you is that the strategies differ significantly.

In the blog world, everything is about your brand. Being Affected will always be secondary to a blogger because the primary value a blogger delivers to their readers is about the content.

A pure affiliate, for its part, focuses almost to 100% on the products. The value that the visitor offers is about collecting, comparing, reviewing, monitoring and informing about these products.

Decide what you want to invest in

It may sound easy to start a comprehensive site that compares and writes about everything from credit cards to low-cost flights, but the truth is that if you want to succeed you have to be as limited as possible.
The reason for this is the extreme competition and that Google makes it easier to interpret what the site is about.
The highest remuneration is found in the online casino and betting industries. There, each new customer can generate a commission of several thousand, depending on how much traffic you take in. You can read a full guide over the best sports betting affiliate programs out there.

But there, too, the competition is entirely ill and currently there are hundreds of different sites that compare only casinos.

Five steps to succeed quickly
1. Niche yourself in a product area with low competition, e.g. books.
2. Affiliate marketing is about trust. Be honest and fair.
3. Respect your visitors and offer tangible added value, such as reviews or guides.
4. Map the search behaviour in your industry and learn the search engine optimization on these words.
5. Work actively to get authorities in the industry to link to your site.
So! Then it was just driving. Good luck with your affiliate marketing!

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