This rundown is remarkable, and our record over the professional horse racing tips and tipsters that are present on this list is the racing systems that have worked for us. This doesn’t mean they will be here till the end of time. We are updating the list every month. It means; that this summary over the tipster profesionales will be refreshed based on their outcomes.

It’s all about providing that second income, without it, why even bother. Some of the professional horse racing tipster service listed here are free, and some are paid. Doesn’t matter, together, these are the professional free tipsters out there. One might even say the best tipsters out there. 

4 Tipsters that are ranked professional and might be your new main service!

We are genuinely interested in at deciding the best free horse racing tips, and there is no reason to rank a high on this page if they don’t deliver, that means, whoever is on this page has professional horse racing tips they can deliver.

Be that as it may, the professional horse racing tipsters are a piece of what we call our betting portfolio. It merely implies we depend on these professional horse racing tips to make a profit.

1. Professional horse racing tips

Some of the horse racing tipster services that are on this summary are more experienced than others. Furthermore, a portion of the professional horse racing tipsters uses twitter as a platform and some email administration. The point is, these tipsters delivers the most professional horse racing tips out there. There’s no doubt. We have following these tipsters for a long time. And we made a lot of money from them.

The reason is simple; they are all based on competition. New tipsters will conquer with the old ones; together, they match the most professional horse racing tips today.

1. Tipstrr – Professional Horse Racing Tips

As you can see, we rank Tipstrr as the best horse racing system out there. The reason is simple, services are free, and there are plenty of options. If you are looking for football, horse racing, basketball or ice hockey – then Tipstrr will be able to deliver just that.

The platform thus handles both free and paid proof tipsters, which means that the range is enormous compared to other sites. This is why Tipstrr is ranked highest on our list.


Professional Horse Racing Tips, Horse Racing Tipster Service


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2. Betting God’s – Tipster Service

You will find Betting God’s in place two on this list. The reason is associated with Tipstrr; the platform is excellent. 

However, Betting God’s does not have the same free offering that Tipstrr has. Which means we don’t rank these as high. However, it should be emphasized that their paid proofed tipsters hold a high grade. You have guys like Quentin Franks Racing etc., who have been doing this for years.

Betting God's

Professional Horse Racing Tips, Horse Racing Tipster Service

Betting God's

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3. Landry Horse Racing – Tipster

Since we started following Landry Horse Racing he has performed well, almost £10,000 profit the last months and might as well make it to place number 1 on our list over the best free horse racing tips!

Landry Horse Racing

Professional Horse Racing Tips, Horse Racing Tipster Service

Landry Horse Racing

Paid Tipster

4. It’s not a marathon – Tipster

It’s not a marathon” is almost brand-new in our portfolio – and the reason why we don’t consider him extraordinary (even though he got a high profit) is because of the risk.

Even the best free horse betting systems can collapse. 

He posts great volumes of free horse tips each day. Some losing days can be devastating. 

But likewise – the winning days can be unbelievable! Worth a shot!

It's Not A Marathon

Professional Horse Racing Tips, Horse Racing Tipster Service

It's Not A Marathon

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2. We have all the horse racing tipster service’s ranked!

No horse betting system will always make a profit. Instead, it is about a percentage of return each month. Some proofed tipsters (which we have ranked in this list) manage to keep above 10% return.

Maybe you think that’s low? That’s a pretty significant amount for horse racing tips. At least if we count 3-4 years. Because I guess you want to make some money off your horse betting. It’s not the casino we’re in; we’re trying to make an additional profit from horse racing tips. Am I right?

Of course, finding out which professional tipsters hold the measure requires time. That’s it. Time always shows which expert horse racing tips hold the action, both paid and free. And of course, it is good that we can now make this list!

It means you won’t have to go through periods of bad tipsters. You jump on the train to the professional horse racing tips right away. So welcome aboard.

3. Who are the Best Horse Racing Tipsters?

Some believe that the best horse racing tipsters are the same as professional racing tips. I am willing to agree, partly. The difference is that racing tips come from various platforms. There is thus a relatively significant difference between these. As we mentioned before, Tipstrr is number one on our list. The reason is that they 1) have several professional tipsters 2) give out professional horse racing tips free, which is hard to compete against. 

Some lists only rank tipsters and their performance, so we thought it was appropriate to be able to offer a list that determines these two variables together.

4. Do we deliver Australian Horse Racing Tips? Hell yes!

Many have asked that we make a list that deals with Australian horse racing tips. This list deals with racing tips around the world. But in particular the UK, Australia and USA. This is because of Tipstrr and Betting God’s rank highest. 

These two platforms offer both Australian horse racing tips, but also US-based sports, such as the NBA and Basketball. There are lots of countries connected to this list. But if you are only looking for Australian horse racing tips then you should register at Tipstrr. 

The platform is the largest in the industry, which means that the quantity of professional horse racing tips is also the largest. There is nothing that can compete against it. Not even pages that specifically go out to deliver Australian horse racing tips. The reason is simple; Tipstrr is too big! Which is good, right?

5. Is there any Accurate Horse Racing Tips?

Many ask for accurate horse racing tips, which is reasonable if you ask me. The question is, can horse racing tips ever be accurate? I mean – it’s horse racing. However, it is possible to calculate a rough cut. 

Sites that we have ranked on this list have large computer systems that calculate how accurate these tipsters have been historical. However, it isn’t effortless to say how accurate they will be in the future. Any form of gambling involves risks. But history proves pretty much where you are.

At Tipstrr, among other things, the strike rate is ranked, which is an indicator of how accurate their horse racing tips are. Also, you can read more than that; you can read out the historical return of investment and the approximate number of tips that the person sends out each month. 

Thus, there is reason to investigate the area and in particular accurate horse racing tips because it is necessary if you want to make a profit.

Remember, this is what have worked for us. We do not mean these tipsters will be here forever, they are proofed by our findings and will stay here till they prove us wrong!

Hope you enjoyed the review! Jacob

Reviewer, TipsterHill