In this review, I will Focus on the website

The site looks quite old if I’m honest. However, that doesn’t mean anything. The first thing I noticed when I wanted to do some research about SoccerStats is that its easy to give a positive statement.

SoccerStats has a lot of leagues, and I mean a lot. There’s not a single football league that I miss. And they have the most advanced system to analyze with, that’s free of course. They are great programs like SoccerStats that can cost up to £100 per month. I mean, why would you choose them when you have a program like

It makes no sense at all for me. I’ve been trying out soccerstats for a couple of months, and I made some good profit with them. I started at £10 and ended up with €130. I think that’s a quite good return on investment, wouldn’t you say? However, it’s hard to do any unbiased review here. I mean, SoccerStats is not a tipster service. Soccerstats is a gathering place for literally every football match in the world. And they have in-game and off-game analytic tools that will help you make a good bet. This means, in reality, that is not a tipster service and it shouldn’t be reviewed like a tipster service. My advice for you is to try it yourself.

Because if you try Soccerstats, you’ll see that even you can make some high bets. It might be hard at first since they are so many different tools to choose from. And Soccerstats is not the easiest navigated website I ever come across. I would say they could try to fix this. They have a lot of visitors each day, and I know many of our readers like They should earn enough money lol.

You might wonder how Soccerstats makes money?

Well, the first thing you notice is all the affiliate links. Everywhere. Bookmakers that is. And, that’s how Soccerstats keep the website free for everyone. I’m guessing I like that approach. I mean, the alternative is that you pay for it.

Everyone needs to make money. That’s life. And that also means, there’s no single service in this world that is free. And from that perspective, I enjoy betting with Soccerstats. An excellent service that everyone can use.

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