CS: GO Betting

The interest in betting on CS: GO has recently become enormous, and at the time of writing, there is a broad range of what can be played on when it comes to CS: GO. Here we will describe some of the standard games on CS: GO and what they mean.
pistol Round

A standard game for those who can’t wait until the whole game is over is to play on which team wins the round of the gun, or if either side wins both rounds of the weapon. This game assumes that in the first round of CS: GO players cannot afford to buy weapons other than guns. As a result, the tactics change a lot compared to when players have enough money to choose their favourite weapon. This is something that the gaming companies paid attention to and now made it possible to play on which team wins this inaugural gun round.
match Winner

Of course, the match-winner is also a typical game when it comes to CS: GO. This form of play is about trying to predict which of the teams will win when the game is over.
Number of maps won

Another standard game when it comes to CS: GO is to bet on how many “maps” or maps that each team will win. A match in CS: GO is usually played best by three routes. All players and teams have different favourite maps and different tactics on different maps. The game form “number of won maps” can, therefore, provide an advantage if you, as a player, have information about which teams like which courses. This is one of the reasons why this form of play is accessible.

How to play on CS: GO?

CS GO has several different game forms and markets, just like any other sport. There are opportunities to play on tournament winners and individual matches, but also on many specials such as a player making an “ace” (killing everyone in the opposing team during a round) or what percentage of a player’s kills are via headshots.

Typically, there are fewer markets than in football, for example, and unique games are usually only available at significant events in Counter-Strike. But in the vast majority of matches, both “Moneyline” (winners), handicap games and over / under bets are offered on the number of maps or rounds.

Choose a gaming company that offers CS: GO.
Log in or create an account.
Find a match you want to play.
Choose the type of game you want to place.
Place your bet.

To be successful in CS: GO gambling, you need to be aware. But if you get into the sport, there is a lot to gain. Often the underdogs are pitted against big teams, and with good odds on these underdogs, the hobby player can make a nice slant too. Besides, CS GO is still very young in betting, and the gaming companies do not always have a super check on the team. This means that players with an insight into the sport have great opportunities. Follow our runners for tips from experts in both betting and CS: GO.

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